Production of mayonnaise, sauces and mustards
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Cookies "Golden Hands"
Mayonnaise Lahja Provansaal
From  Lehtsala - 1 glass
Sugar - 1 glass
Eggs - 3 pieces
Margarine - 200 g
Soda, salt, flour

Use mayonnaise, sugar, eggs, slightly melted margarine, soda, salt and flour to knead the dough. Then with some dough shape a lozenge with diameter of 1,5 cm. After, using forms, make cookies and put them on the baking tray with butter already spread on its surface. Bake at temperature 180-200 degrees.

Salad "The Egoist"
Ham - 1 part
Cheese - 1 part
Pickles - 1 part
Green onions (with bulbs), salt, greens on your taste
For seasoning - mayonnaise Mahedamaitseline, mustard Vene Sinep from  Lehtsala.

Cut thinly all ingredients, except green onion, and put them on the salad dish. Cut onions into rings and add also into salad bowl. Mix the mayonnaise with a spoon of mustard and put it into salad. Mix everything and, if needed, season with salt.