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About us

"You are what you eat." It is hard to disagree with this statement. Man has invented the internal combustion engine taking into consideration the fact that this engine must run on definite fuel. In this way it will be in use for a much longer time with less wear. Let's imagine for a moment what will happen with such type of engine in case of using an "unintended" fuel. Obviously, it will break and will be out of action.
Nature has planned the human organism to get elements made by nature itself, in other words, natural products. For human food is the same source of energy as fuel is for an engine. Now, by analogy, it is not difficult at all to imagine what happens with our organism when food, produced by unnatural synthesis, gets into it. The organism simply does not understand how to deal with "alien" substances, how to elaborate them. This is the reason why synthetic materials completely or partly accumulate inside cells as useless formations. You know what happens then...
In food production of  Lehtsala from the very beginning (our company was founded in 1994) we have a rule: not to use chemical additives for our sauces. Despite not being so profitable, and for short storage life, when temperature requirements for the technologic process are high, we shall use only natural ingredients for our mayonnaise and mustard. No compromise shall be made. That´s the reason why we use in our products natural pasteurized yolk and other natural additives. For instance, mustard instead of mustard fragrance. Natural fresh or frozen garlic and dill. Dried horseradish roots instead of additives with taste of horseradish, dill etc. It is worth mentioning that fragrances, coloring agents and other substitutes are strong temptation. With their help profitability of a production can be increased numerously. So, the observance of our production principles is a matter of honor.
In France, homeland of mayonnaise, the preparation of sauces is considered an art. Creation of balanced taste of a sauce is a real challenge and maybe the zest of any dish. We know it well in  Lehtsala. Our team is strong and united. Every new type of mayonnaise we create and taste together, in other words we do art. "Ideal" taste can be easily obtained with help of artificial additives but simple solutions are not for us. Especially when they can be harmful for someone's health.

On the contrary to those who live in countryside, citizens have forgotten that whole pharmacy grows under their feet. It is easier to visit a normal pharmacy and buy a medicine. The truth is that all seasonings and spices, which grow on the ground, have their individual healing properties. The black pepper, which we add into sauce Lahja Anne, improves digestion. The spicy taste of mustard and horseradish, which can be found in mayonnaise  Madararoikaga, strengthens immunity. The turmeric mayonnaise Lihtne purifies the liver. Dill, garlic, curry and chili also have medicinal properties and, of course, are being used with success in preparation of mayonnaises and mustard of Lehtsala.
For those people who are aimed to maintain trim figure we have developed a low fat line of sauces Lahja with use of high quality rape oil. We collaborate with Weight Watchers, our products have obtained many awards and prizes, and we have invented plenty of proprietary recipes (two of them are on this page). The best praise for us is when our customers speak favorably about us saying that products of Lehtsala have been beneficial to their health and are with pleasurable taste.



Cookies "Golden Hands"
Mayonnaise Lahja Provansaal
From  Lehtsala - 1 glass
Sugar - 1 glass
Eggs - 3 pieces
Margarine - 200 g
Soda, salt, flour

Use mayonnaise, sugar, eggs, slightly melted margarine, soda, salt and flour to knead the dough. Then with some dough shape a lozenge with diameter of 1,5 cm. After, using forms, make cookies and put them on the baking tray with butter already spread on its surface. Bake at temperature 180-200 degrees.

Salad "The Egoist"
Ham - 1 part
Cheese - 1 part
Pickles - 1 part
Green onions (with bulbs), salt, greens on your taste
For seasoning - mayonnaise Mahedamaitseline, mustard Vene Sinep from  Lehtsala.

Cut thinly all ingredients, except green onion, and put them on the salad dish. Cut onions into rings and add also into salad bowl. Mix the mayonnaise with a spoon of mustard and put it into salad. Mix everything and, if needed, season with salt.