Production of mayonnaise, sauces and mustards
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We produce more than 11 types of mayonnaises and souses and two types of mustard. All our souses are made on base of natural primary products without addition of synthetic components, colourants and preservatives.
All additives used in our production like horseradish, garlic and dill are fresh or quick-frozen. We add only natural spices (curcuma, curry, chili, bay leaf, black pepper).
We cook conscientiously like it does a good housewife in home cooking.
This is why our products can be considered as homemade food enriched with vitamins and other useful elements.
It is said that the mayonnaise begins with an egg. This is the reason why in our technological process we use natural liquid pasteurized yolk. Moreover, in composition of our products we use high quality rapeseed oil.
For those who want to maintain their figure we have developed souses with low content of fats. Herewith we have managed to save the balanced taste and natural components.
We cooperate with Weight Watchers of Estonia. Our souses also take part of Food Directory.
Our company produces two types of mustard. The strong one is "Vene Sinep". Both of them do not contain preservatives and other synthetics.
Most types of our mayonnaises and souses are rewarded with diplomas and are marked as most delicious and healthy Estonian products of the year.
All products of  Lehtsala can be purchased at the average price class in all big trade networks of Estonia. It is also possible to contact us directly.



Cookies "Golden Hands"
Mayonnaise Lahja Provansaal
From  Lehtsala - 1 glass
Sugar - 1 glass
Eggs - 3 pieces
Margarine - 200 g
Soda, salt, flour

Use mayonnaise, sugar, eggs, slightly melted margarine, soda, salt and flour to knead the dough. Then with some dough shape a lozenge with diameter of 1,5 cm. After, using forms, make cookies and put them on the baking tray with butter already spread on its surface. Bake at temperature 180-200 degrees.

Salad "The Egoist"
Ham - 1 part
Cheese - 1 part
Pickles - 1 part
Green onions (with bulbs), salt, greens on your taste
For seasoning - mayonnaise Mahedamaitseline, mustard Vene Sinep from  Lehtsala.

Cut thinly all ingredients, except green onion, and put them on the salad dish. Cut onions into rings and add also into salad bowl. Mix the mayonnaise with a spoon of mustard and put it into salad. Mix everything and, if needed, season with salt.